All Type Contracting provides a wide variety of services for Missouri and some out of state Mining Companies, in relation to maintaining a safe and productive work force we strive to maintain a high standard for all our employees. All Type Contracting has the qualities for maintaining a long, good standing relationship with our contractors.

All Type Contracting provides a wide variety of services. Including but not limited to Mining, this includes hand scaling and drilling. Washing of the pillars underground. Maintenance on equipment and vehicles above and below ground. Also, utility work with miner wiring, plumbing, and hydraulics. Construction work on fence building, and on small building repair and maintenance. Fabrication for equipment repair and maintenance, and fabricating small necessary tools. Labor including miner maintenance, industrial janitorial, shoveling, and sweeping. Moving of office furniture and equipment.

Our goal is to maintain a safe, healthy, and constructive work environment. All employees are subject to Health and Wellness exams, and drug screening periodically and post-accident.

Employees are required to pass a hearing exam and to adhere to lead level monitoring and good maintenance. Employees are either required 40 hour MSHA training with 8 hour refreshers, and if applicable OSHA training up to 40 hours.

Employees are required on the job training of 30 days before being specifically assigned to a job without direct supervision of a trained employee. Always striving to maintain All Type Contracting and our contractor’s safety policies is one of our top priorities. All Type Contracting is committed at all levels of our company to maintain the safety and well-being of our employees, and any affiliated personal of our contractor.

We also teach the responsibility that each employee is expected to recognize and maintain theirs and all co-workers safety. All Type Contracting follows all government rules and regulations, federally and state issued.

Our company, All Type Contracting has established and maintained a good and long standing relationship with Midwest Mining Companies for over 18 years. Our goal is to provide exceptionally, safe, and productive work for our contractors. The long standing relationship has built a solid and trusting relationship that we continue to work with maintaining and improving that relationship every day.

Our company motto is “We handle all types of work in a safe and productive way”. And we strive every day to maintain this motto.

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